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Star Wars Postmodernism

So, there’s nothing like seeing Avatar to make one appreciate the classics of Space Opera. Others have tackled the poverty of this movie quite well, so I’ll leave it to them.  There’s a couple of neat articles I found discussing Star Wars from a different angle, where R2D2 & Chewie are far more important to the linearity of the narrative than most of us would think. And Slate tries consider the six-film narrative from a postmodern perspective.

Honestly, I don’t think the Slate articles works very well, but the “reconsidered” article is pretty interesting. Star Wars, particularly episodes III-VI, has quite a bit of moral ambiguity in its best moments. At stake in the “Han shot first” struggle is not just whether Han Solo was a badass, but whether he and the rest of the heroes are able to make evil- if necessary- choices. Making the story and the characters much less binary produces a far more intelligent, entertaining, and *real* experience. This is part of why the film Avatar is so poor in so many areas, despite being so excellent in its technological and spectacular experience.

One final Star Wars link, some humorous facebook updates.

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