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Thinking about Art & Aesthetics

I do believe that we, as humans, are very visual creatures. And as such, I think we really need to think about art, aesthetics, spectacle, and the substantive roles these play in our everyday lives. So here’s a few things to chew on:

*Is Rock Band band evil? “Real anxiety comes not with influence, but with the imperative to transcend it, which is another part of creative development.” This seems to be getting into the Ebert-versus-Videogames Art discussion. I don’t want to wade too far into it.

*However, for fun, here’s a neat discussion on Royal Tenenbaums and the Substance of Style
*And the new Coolness sweeping the nation: Banksy art installations are accompanying the documentary on him/by him.
*Here’s  a really interesting reaction to both Italian Futurism and the Russian Revolution with Polish Futurist play “The Crazy Locomotive”
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